Tuesday, December 30, 2008

New Flickr Page

I've opened a flickr account at http://www.flickr.com/photos/joshhaden/.

Click on the link to view the photos I've taken in my "Los Angeles Religious Iconography" collection.

I'll be adding lots of photos to my page, including photos from old Spain gigs, and more.

Feel free to subscribe to my photostream and/or add me as a friend and/or contact.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Charlie Haden Family And Friends World Cafe Performance Online

For those of you who missed today's episode of the NPR radio program World Cafe, on which Charlie Haden Family & Friends performed songs from their cd "Rambling Boy", and Charlie Haden did an insightful interview with the show's host, David Dye, it can now be listened to online.

Click on "Web-Only Outtake: 'Spiritual' By Charlie Haden Family Band" to hear their version of the song "Spiritual", recorded especially for the show (but not included in the radio version of the show), with yours truly on vocals. This version is particularly stirring and noteworthy (in my humble opinion) because it contains the outstanding tandem violin and fiddle playing of Petra Haden and Stuart Duncan, respectively, which doesn't happen on the cd version. It also features the cello work of Tanya Haden, guitar work by John Leventhal and Mark Fain, mandolin playing by Dan Tyminski, and, of course, bass playing by Charlie Haden.

The group also performs the songs "Oh Take Me Back", "Rambling Boy", and "Ocean Of Diamonds", in addition to the interview with Charlie.

Monday, December 22, 2008

Upcoming Charlie Haden Family & Friends Radio Appearances

This morning (pacific standard time), Monday, December 22, my father Charlie Haden will be visiting KCRW's Morning Becomes Eclectic radio show to talk about Charlie Haden Family & Friends - Rambling Boy.

Charlie, joined by his brother, Carl Jr., will also be speaking today about the cd on Springfield, MO's KWTO.

Tomorrow, Tuesday, December 23, a previously taped live performance of Charlie Haden Family & Friends and interview with Charlie will be broadcast on the NPR radio show World Cafe. During this performance Charlie Haden Family & Friends played songs from the "Rambling Boy" cd, including the song "Spiritual", with vocals by yours truly.

In addition, the Charlie Haden Family & Friends segment on NPR's Fresh Air program will be rebroadcast on Thursday, December 25. Check local listings.

Friday, December 19, 2008

Spain - Spiritual - Mars, Oslo, Norway, 13 June 1999

Spain performing 'Spiritual', recorded live at Mars, Oslo, Norway, 13 June 1999.

Josh Haden - bass, vocals
Will Hughes - drums
Björn Olsson - electric guitar
Merlo Podlewski - acoustic guitar
Shon 'Goldenboy' Sullivan - keyboards

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Monday, December 15, 2008

I Met Tom LaBonge Today

I met L.A. City Councilmember Tom LaBonge by chance today while we were shopping at a local supermarket.

I was so tongue-tied I forgot to tell him to please save Los Angeles Public Access television!

Instead I said "I watch you on T.V." Maybe he got the message.

I love watching the penny-ante preachers, the beer-drinking guys who interview porn stars, that famous acting expert guy, and the guy who just stares back at you for half an hour. They're part of what makes our city great.

Not to mention the L.A. City Council meetings, which air in tape delay every business day. Go Zuma Dogg! And Tom LaBonge too!

And my favorite T.V. news anchorwoman, Ellen Cheng, who hosts the informative L.A. This Week.

It'll be a sad day if L.A. Public Access goes away. It doesn't seem right. The new California State law (which is supposed to go into effect Jan. 1) that allows Time Warner to pay a fee into state coffers rather than offer Public Access programming is fundamentally unfair and deprives L.A. citizens of programming that isn't homogenized and sanctified by greedy corporations (like Time Warner, sad to say) who are just trying to push their agenda on us. Public Access is commercial-free and I doubt Time Warner makes any money off it. Its probably a liability to them.

Some things are more valuable than money! At least that's my opinion.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Tired Of Living Like This

Every morning I wake up and read the news about yet another person we gave our trust to who turns out to be completely corrupt.

Blagojevich claiming that what he did was within the parameters of the law?

Did you read Obama's response? "under the current circumstances it is difficult for the governor to effectively do his job and serve the people of Illinois"...I'll say! Ludicrous!

Today Chase offered the laid-off Chicago factory workers $400,000 to help pay their severance. Here's some money now shut up!

Now B of A has pledged to give the workers an additional loan "to be negotiated".

And this after hundreds of people marched on the B Of A Chicago offices.

Blagojevich said a few days ago he was suspending all state business with B Of A. What a saint!

Why was he doing business with B Of A in the first place? Hmmmm.

In other news, depite everything that has been going on lately here, Merrill Lynch & Co Chief Executive John Thain has suggested to directors that he get a 2008 bonus of as much as $10 million!! WTF!

What year are we living in? Is this the middle ages?

Why can't we evolve people!

Please come to the next Spain show in February, it'll be a doozy!

Monday, December 8, 2008

A Few Holiday Gift Ideas

At CafePress.com you will find a myriad number of t-shirts of all styles and sizes emblazoned with the "Spain" logo available for sale.

Why not give your favorite Spain fan one (or two) as a gift this holiday season.

They will thank you for putting them "ahead of the curve" as next year Spain will be shooting to the Top of the Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame.

Also, my solo album, Devoted, produced by genius hip-hop producer Dan the Automator, is still available personally through me (via my website) or impersonally through my friends at CDBaby.com.

"Devoted" would make a great holiday gift as its cover is very colorful and its theme, "Devotion" in all its forms, transcends materialism.

Also, for those Spain fans who are "devoted" to vinyl, copies of the 1996 Spain 7" "Funny How Time Slips Away" are available to any seekers, also through my website.

Thanks and have a great holiday wherever you are.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Rambling Boy 2009 Grammy Nomination

The song "Is This America (Katrina 2005)" from Charlie Haden Family & Friends - Rambling Boy was nominated for a 2009 Grammy award in the Best Country Instrumental Performance category.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Spain Dec. 4

Thursday, Dec. 4 2008
901 E. 1st St.
Los Angeles, CA 90012

Spain 11pm
The Californian 10pm
Breakfast All Day 12a
David Dyas 9pm


Friday, November 21, 2008

Spain will be playing a very special show next Saturday, November 29, at the Roxy in Los Angeles.

Its a retirement fund benefit for my former high school English teacher, Jim Hosney.

Jim didn't just have a profound influence on me as a youngster, he did so on lots of other kids all of whom, Jim saw, had the germ of an artist waiting to be released.

If you'd like to read a recent article on him, there's one here.

Spain will be playing one song as part of a program of bands and musicians (all alumnus of Jim's high school classes) playing songs from Jim's favorite movies.

Other bands and musicians playing will be my sister Rachel Haden, my brother-in-law's band Tenacious D, Gillian Welch, Juliette Commagére & Joachim Cooder, Anna Waronker, Maya Rudolph, John Gold, and more.

More information and ticket purchasing can be found at http://hosneyunderground.com.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Letterman Performance Online

For those of you who missed last week's Charlie Haden Family & Friends performance of "Spiritual" from the Late Show With David Letterman, or for those of you who would like to see it again, it is now live and streaming here, for your viewing pleasure.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Late Show With David Letterman Nov. 12

I'll be singing my song "Spiritual" with Charlie Haden Family & Friends on the U.S. television program the Late Show With David Letterman Wednesday November 12.


Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Larry St. John Furniture Island & Petra Haden & Woody Jackson

I know I haven't been able to post any blog entries lately, just too busy with life, hopefully this will make up for it somewhat.

Lisa and I have been searching for a new couch and we happened upon this furniture store called Larry St. John Furniture Island that was pretty amazing, not just for the furniture (all custom-made) but for the ambiance as well. This store will appeal to all you Tiki- and Lounge Scene enthusiasts and you should check it out even if you're not in the market to buy anything.

A pirate and King Tut? I emailed my sister Tanya this photo and she still didn't believe me.

Larry St. John Furniture Island 18101 S. FIGUEROA ST. GARDENA, CA 90248

A few weeks ago I went to the record release party for Petra Haden & Woody Jackson's new cd entitled "10 Years".

The cd's entitled "10 Years" because it was recorded 10 years ago and has taken 10 years to see the light of day.

I remember when Petra and Woody were recording it. The show was a blast from the past for me, but the music hasn't aged one bit. It seems 10 years ahead of its time, actually.

This isn't a very good photo but its all I could get.

It was a great show. Everyone should go buy the Petra Haden & Woody Jackson "10 Years" CD from Amazon today! Its on iTunes and eMusic and all the usual places too!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Charlie Haden Family And Friends Rambling Boy Released Today 9-23-2008

The debut CD by Charlie Haden Family & Friends is out today on Decca records!

The CD is called "Rambling Boy" and it can be found here.

If you'd like to listen to an interview broadcast last Sunday on NPR Weekend Edition go here.

NY Times ran a great article also on Sunday here.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Charlie Haden Family And Friends Debut Show

I know I promised to blog every day from NYC during our stay for the Charlie Haden Family & Friends debut performance at Lincoln Center's 25th annual Roots of American Music Festival Aug. 24 but I was so busy it just wasn't possible!

Anyways, it was a lot of fun. Here are some highlights...

The view from Rachel and Atom's hotel room was incredible.

The rehearsal was a lot of fun.

Atom Ellis was in awe.

My dad's wife Ruth Cameron sounded great.

Lincoln Center's Damrosch Park Bandshell provides a stunning foreground to a equally stunning classic New York backdrop.

Guitarist Bryan Sutton and banjoist Jim Mills shared a moment in front of my iPhone camera before soundcheck.

Icons and Fellow L.A.'ers The Knitters played before us and the legendary John Doe posed for a picture with Atom and Rachel.

My dad Charlie confers with Dan Tyminski backstage before soundcheck.

From the first note the Charlie Haden Family & Friends band were tearing up the stage. From left, Bryan Sutton, Dan Tyminski, Jerry Douglas, and Stuart Duncan. Also present were Jim Mills, Sam Bush, and Mark Fain.

My sisters Petra, Rachel, and Tanya took the stage as the sun went down.

Patti Smith and her band headlined the show and even though this isn't a very good picture, they were amazing. It was the first time I'd seen them play, and I was incredibly moved and inspired by their powerful songs and message of peace and call to action in an endearing and totally non-pretentious way. Patti Smith is the real thing.

All in all, playing at the 25th Annual Roots Of American Music Festival at Lincoln Center was a blast. The music was incredible, and it was really great to see the guys in the band again.

Charlie Haden Family & Friends debut cd "Ramblin' Boy" will be released Sept. 24 on Decca Records. If you'd like to read my previous posts about the recording sessions check out here, here, here, here, and here!

Friday, August 22, 2008

Bringing it all back home

Charlie Haden returns to his country roots—and takes his family with him.

By Jay Ruttenberg
Time Out New York
Aug. 20 - 26, 2008

In January, an unlikely swarm gathered in a Nashville studio to record songs steeped in rural American music. The session was spearheaded by jazz-bass titan Charlie Haden and singer Ruth Cameron, Haden’s wife of two decades. Featured artists included the bassist’s grown children—Josh, singer in the band Spain, and harmonizing triplets Petra, Rachel and Tanya—plus Tanya’s husband, Jack Black, a movie star with an oddly commanding voice. Invited guests included luminaries of bluegrass (Dan Tyminski), jazz (Pat Metheny), country (Vince Gill) and the worlds between (Elvis Costello).

The resulting album, Charlie Haden Family & Friends’ Rambling Boy—due next month on Decca, but showcased live at Lincoln Center this week—underlines the musical breadth of its ringleader. “The hinge of the record is my dad’s past and all the different styles he’s been involved with,” Josh Haden says. “It’s like an overview of his entire life, starting from when he was one year old.”

The younger Haden isn’t exaggerating. Long before he helped Ornette Coleman redefine jazz’s boundaries, the bassist sang with his parents and siblings on a daily radio program in Missouri. Haden, now 71, joined the family act back in an old America that was unimpeded by such dreary niceties as child-labor laws. “I remember my mom rocking me to sleep,” recalls Haden, speaking from L.A. before heading to his son-in-law’s Tropic Thunder premiere. “I wasn’t even two. She was humming, and I started humming the harmony. She said, ‘You’re ready for the radio show, babe.’ They started taking me to the station every morning. My mom would pick me up in her arms and hold me to the microphone so I could sing.”

In an archival recording appended to Rambling Boy, the future Liberation Music Orchestra leader can be heard as a toddler, introduced on the show as “the little two-year-old yodelin’ cowboy.” (Frankly, Haden’s work on The Shape of Jazz to Come is more impressive.) The budding musician worked on the radio until he was 15, coming of age surrounded by tall-tale heroes of American country. “My dad knew Jimmie Rodgers, the Carters and [Hank] Williams,” Haden says. “All the people in Nashville used to guest-star on the show. Mother Maybelle would come sing at our house.”

When Haden’s yodelin’ voice fell victim to polio, he shifted his focus to bass, which he decided was “the most beautiful instrument of all, because it made everything sound better when it was playing.” (Also: He harbored a childhood crush on the Carter Sisters’ bassist.) He heard Charlie Parker, grew smitten with jazz, moved to L.A. and became famous. But Haden never forsook his roots. “Most jazz musicians are born in big cities,” he notes. “I’m glad I was born in the Ozarks and exposed to country music. It left a deep impression in my soul. It’s in everything I do.”

While Haden never put his own children on the radio, he still fostered an intensely musical household. Josh Haden grew up to be a singer-songwriter—his work has been covered by Johnny Cash—and the triplets have played with a veritable who’s who of contemporary rock. Rambling Boy presents a lovely family portrait, with support from some of Nashville’s most accomplished hands. Though steeped in tradition, the recording sounds modern and, with its jazz undertone, somewhat eccentric. “Charlie drew from his country roots here,” says bluegrass artist Ricky Skaggs, who appears on the record. “But on the song ‘20/20 Vision,’ Bruce Hornsby suggested that he play his jazz licks. It really showed Charlie’s ability to walk from country to jazz.”

To Haden, mingling those genres is a given: They are, after all, “the indigenous forms of American music.” Appropriately, the Haden Family’s debut performance, on Sunday 24, marks the 25th anniversary of Lincoln Center’s Roots of American Music series. Flanked on the bill by Patti Smith and the Knitters, the Hadens and their Nashville brethren have given Lincoln Center curators Spike Barkin and Bill Bragin what Bragin deems “the perfect anchor. There’s something about family harmonies and communication that really connects this to traditional music.”

Yet for Cameron, Haden’s manager as well as his wife, the album proved something of a break from tradition. “Through years of recording, it’s always ‘Charlie this, Charlie that,’ ” she says. “Then all of a sudden, the girls were singing and we heard from the council room, ‘Daa-aad! Daa-aad!’ In three-part harmony, of course.”

Charlie Haden Family & Friends play Damrosch Park Sun 24.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Charlie Haden Family And Friends At Lincoln Center Aug. 24 2008

Charlie Haden Family & Friends will be playing their debut performance this Sunday, Aug. 24 2008 at Lincoln Center in NYC as part of the 25th annual Roots Of American Music Festival.

This show is in anticipation of the debut Charlie Haden Family & Friends album recorded in Nashville to be released September 23 on Decca Records. The songs include a mix of classic country and bluegrass with gospel, folk, and jazz. In addition to Charlie and his wife Ruth, kids Josh, Rachel, Petra, and Tanya, artists appearing on the album include Pat Metheny, Elvis Costello, Rosanne Cash, Bruce Hornsby, Bela Fleck, Jack Black, Ricky Skaggs, Vince Gill, Dan Tyminski, Sam Bush, Jerry Douglas, Stuart Duncan, Bryan Sutton, and others.

I'll be there singing my song "Spiritual". My dad Charlie will be playing bass and his wife Ruth will be singing, my sisters Rachel, Petra, and Tanya will be singing great harmonies, and the core group of Dan Tyminski, Sam Bush, Jerry Douglas, Stuart Duncan, and Bryan Sutton will be playing as well. I'm not sure, but I think there'll be surprise guests also. I wonder who they'll be? Hmmm....

I'll be blogging from NYC the entire time, check here for updates.

I understand more gigs in the States and Europe are being planned, if you're not in the New York area stay tuned!

Charlie Haden Family & Friends
New York City
Lincoln Center Out Of Doors/Roots Of American Music Festival
Damrosch Park Bandshell
Sunday, August 24 - 7pm

P.S. the festival headliner is Patti Smith! Whoa!! Also, the Knitters will be playing too!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Spain Keyboard For Sale

Thought some of you might be interested that the Roland RD 600 keyboard Spain used on our 1999 "She Haunts My Dreams" tour, played by Shon "Goldenboy" Sullivan, is for sale on ebay and craigslist. It was also used for the Josh Haden solo shows, played by Randy Kirk.

The links are:

Spain Roland RD 600 Keyboard For Sale On Ebay

Spain Roland RD 600 Keyboard For Sale On Craigslist

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Jazz Bassist Charlie Haden to Perform Bluegrass

Jazz Bassist Charlie Haden to Perform Bluegrass
Date: July 30, 2008
Written By: Melissa Daniels

Famed jazz bassist Charlie Haden will be switching gears and performing bluegrass as part of Lincoln Center’s 25th Annual Roots of American Music Festival on Sunday, August 24.

To showcase the bluegrass-Americana song style from Haden’s upcoming album, the band slated to take the stage with Haden includes Sam Bush, Jerry Douglas, Stuart Duncan, Bryan Sutton and Dan Tyminski.

Featured on the album, as well as in the festival performance, is Haden’s wife Ruth Cameron and their four children—son Josh and triplet daughters Petra, Rachel and Tanya—all of whom have had followed in their father’s footsteps with careers as professional musicians.

The festival performance will mark the live debut of Charlie Haden Family and Friends, according to a press release. Other acts at the festival include the Music Makers Blues Revue, The Knitters and Patti Smith and her band.

Haden’s upcoming release, presently titled Rambling Boy, brings the bassist back to his 1930s roots of traditional Americana songs, when he performed as a small child with the original Haden Family band.

To be released on Sept. 23 by Decca Records, the album is packed with guest musicians matching Haden’s own talent—artists include Pat Metheny, Vince Gill, Bruce Hornsby, Ricky Skaggs, Rosanne Cash, Elvis Costello, Jerry Douglas and Sam Bush.

The performance will take place at the Damrosch Park Bandshell on Amsterdam Ave and West 62nd Street in New York City. The free show begins at 4 p.m., with the Haden family taking the stage at 7 p.m.

More information on the Roots of American Music festival can be found at the Lincoln Center Web site

Friday, August 8, 2008

Cast Away

A new Spain song entitled "Cast Away" is now available for your downloading pleasure on the Spain myspace player, which can be found on the Spain myspace page.

Alternatively, the song can be downloaded as a podcast from my Diamond Sounds podcast page. Click on the play button below to listen.

This is the third in a series of demos of new songs we've recorded, we hope you like them!

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Charlie Haden Family And Friends - First Ever Live Performance!

New York, NY. (Top40 Charts/ Shore Fire Media) - Charlie Haden Family and Friends will make their live debut at Lincoln Center's 25th Annual Roots of American Music Festival on Sunday, August 24th. Performing will be legendary bassist Charlie Haden, his wife, Ruth Cameron, his children Josh, Petra, Rachel, and Tanya - all of whom are established musicians in their own right - as well as a Nashville dream band made up of Sam Bush, Jerry Douglas, Stuart Duncan, Bryan Sutton, and Dan Tyminski.

The performance celebrates the release of 'Rambling Boy' (due out September 23 via Decca Records), an intriguing album of mostly traditional songs Charlie Haden learned as a young child while performing with his own siblings and parents as part of the Haden Family band in the 1930s.

Charlie's friends making an appearance on the album include such luminaries as Vince Gill, Bruce Hornsby, Ricky Skaggs, Rosanne Cash, Elvis Costello, Jerry Douglas, Sam Bush, his long-time collaborator Pat Metheny, and many more. Audiences can expect the same kind of stirring, emotional performances featured on the record. Haden's triplet daughters sing tight, heartbreaking harmonies. His son Josh and his wife Ruth both lend their bold and clear voices to several songs. Then there's Dad, Charlie Haden, whose musicianship is unmatched.

Charlie Haden Family and Friends will be appearing at the Roots of American Music Festival alongside some other very impressive artists. Other acts on the bill include the Music Makers Blues Revue, The Knitters, and Patti Smith and her band.
For more information, please visit: http://www.lincolncenter.org/show_events_list.asp?eventcode=-62548

WHO: Charlie Haden Family and Friends
WHAT: Live debut
WHERE: Damrosch Park Bandshell
Damrosch Park
Amsterdam Ave & West 62nd Street
WHEN: Sunday, August 24th - 4 PM - FREE

Friday, July 18, 2008

Walked On The Water

The second-newest Spain song in eight years is now available for your downloading pleasure.

Its called "Walked On The Water" and it can be found on the Spain myspace page.

Alternatively it can be downloaded as a podcast from the Diamond Sounds podcast page. Click on the "play" button below.

Hope you like it!

Monday, July 14, 2008

Jazz ace Charlie Haden goes country

Jazz ace Charlie Haden goes country

Wednesday, July 9, 2008 – Charlie Haden is known as a jazz bassist, but he's due for a huge change. His new disc coming out in September features traditional country and Americana and folks like Vince Gill, Ricky Skaggs, Elvis Costello, Dan Tyminski and Rosanne Cash. "Ocean of Diamonds" will be out Sept. 23 on Decca. Also on the 19-song CD are his wife, son and triplet daughters.

Haden began his musical career when he was just 2 years old, singing on the radio with his parents and siblings in the late 1930s. Like many groups such as the Carter Family and the Delmore Brothers, The Haden Family traversed the mid- and southwest, performing on some of country's biggest radio stations, including WSM in Nashville and KWTO in Springfield, MO.

Haden's family is the main focus of 'Ocean of Diamonds,' with his wife and co-producer Ruth Cameron and all four of his children and son-in-law making an appearance. Charlie's son, Josh, a former Restless Records Artist with his band Spain, lends his voice to his mellow ballad "Spiritual," which Johnny Cash also recorded. His wife Ruth, a former Verve recording artist, sings the Irish ballad "Down by the Salley Gardens."

His triplet daughters Petra, Tanya and Rachel are featured on several tracks, as well as lend their impeccable harmonies behind Ricky Skaggs and Dan Tymknski. Petra is a former member of The Decemberists and has been performing with Sean Lennon, Ricky Lee Jones and the Foo Fighters; Rachel was a founding member of indie-rock pioneers The Rentals and is currently on tour with Todd Rundgren; Tanya plays in several independent bands around Los Angeles and is married to actor/musician Jack Black, who gives a stirring rendition of "Old Joe Clark."

Haden helped change jazz playing with the original Ornette Coleman Quartet in the late 1950s and went on to record with John Coltrane, Keith Jarrett and Pat Metheny, as well as his own Liberation Music Orchestra and noir-tinged Quartet West, garnering over 15 Grammy nominations and 4 Grammys, and accolades.

Songs and featured musicians are:
1 Single Girl, Married Girl 2:38 Haden Triplets
Petra Haden,Rachel Haden,Tanya Haden-vocals Charlie Haden-bass, Jerry Douglas-Dobro, Sam Bush-mandolin, Stuart Duncan-fiddle, Bryan Sutton-guitar
2 Rambling Boy 2:56 Vince Gill-vocal
Traditional; Charlie Haden and Dan Tyminski-backup vocals Charlie Haden-bass, Jerry Douglas-Dobro, Stuart Duncan-fiddle, Russ Barenberg-guitar, Dan Tyminski - mandolin
3 20/20 Vision 4:16 Bruce Hornsby-vocal Traditional; Charlie Haden-bass, Jerry Douglas-Dobro, Stuart Duncan-fiddle, Bryan Sutton- guitar, Ricky Skaggs-fretless banjo
4 The Wildwood Flower 3:35 Rosanne Cash -vocal Maud Irving-lyrcs Joseph P. Webster-music; Charlie Haden - bass John Leventhal-guitar, Pat Metheny-guitar
5 Spiritual 6:15 Josh Haden-vocal Josh Haden ; Charlie Haden-bass, Jerry Douglas-Dobro, Stuart Duncan-fiddle, Russ Barenberg-guitar
6 Oh, Take Me Back 2:17 Rachel Haden & Tanya Haden-vocals
Charlie Haden-bass, Jerry Douglas-Dobro, Sam Bush-mandolin, Stuart Duncan-fiddle, Bryan Sutton-guitar
7 You Win Again 3:09 Elvis Costello - vocal Hank Williams,Sr.; Charlie Haden -bass, John Leventhal-guitar, Pat Metheny-guitar
8 The Fields Of Athenry 7:30 Petra Haden-vocal Pete St. John; Charlie Haden-bass, Pat Metheny-guitar, Jerry Douglas - Dobro, Russ Barenberg-guitar Stuart Duncan-fiddle
9 Ocean Of Diamonds 3:37 Dan Tyminski-vocal Traditional; Petra Haden & Rachel Haden-backup vocals Charlie Haden-bass, Jerry Douglas-Dobro Stuart Duncan-fiddle, Bryan Stuart-guitar Ricky Skaggs-mandolin
10 He's Gone Away 5:45 Tanya Haden-vocal Traditional; Pat Metheny-guitar, Charlie Haden-bass, Bruce Horsnby-piano, Jerry Douglas-Dobro, Stuart Duncan-fiddle, Russ Barenberg - guitar
11 Voice From On High 4:15 Haden Triplets Bill Monroe, Bessie Lee Mauldin -lyrics & music ; Petra Haden, Rachel Haden & Tanya Haden-vocals Charlie Haden-bass, Jerry Douglas-Dobro Sam Bush-mandolin, Stuart Duncan-fiddle, Bryan Sutton -guitar
12 Down By The Salley Gardens 4:32 Ruth Cameron-vocal Irish traditional; Charlie Haden-bass, Pat Metheny-guitar, Jerry Douglas-Dobro,Stuart Duncan-fiddle, Russ Barenberg-guitar, Bruce Hornsby-piano
13 Road Of Broken Hearts 2:28 Ricky Skaggs-vocal
Petra Haden & Rachel Haden-backup vocals Charlie Haden-bass, Jerry Douglas-Dobro, Stuart Duncan-fiddle, Bryan Sutton-guitar
14 Is This America? (Katrina 2005) 3:36 Pat Metheny & Charlie Haden Pat Metheny; Charlie Haden-bass, Pat Metheny-guitar Jerry Douglas-Dobro, Stuart Duncan-fiddle Russ Barenberg-guitar, Bruce Hornsby-piano
15 Tramp on the Street 5:20 Rachel Haden-vocal
Petra Haden & Tanya Haden-backup vocals Charlie Haden-bass, Jerry Douglas-Dobro, Sam Bush-mandolin, Stuart Duncan-fiddle, Bryan Sutton-guitar
16 Old Joe Clark 4:05 Jack Black-vocal Traditional; Bela Flek-banjo, Buddy Green-harmonica, Charlie Haden-bass, Jerry Douglas - Dobro, Sam Bush-mandolin, Stuart Duncan-fiddle, Bryan Sutton-guitar
17 Seven Year Blues 2:41 Haden Triplets
Petra Haden, Rachel Haden & Tanya Haden-vocals Charlie Haden-bass, Jerry Douglas-Dobro, Sam Bush-mandolin, Stuart Duncan-fiddle, Bryan Sutton-guitar
18 Old Haden Family Show 1:43
19 Oh Shenandoah 3:13 Charlie Haden-vocal Traditional; Pat Metheny-guitar, Jerry Douglas - Dobro, Stuart Duncan-fiddle, Russ Barenberg-guitar

Friday, July 4, 2008

More Tanned Tin Sur 08 Photos

Spain's guitarist Tom Gladders came clean with more photos from our recent trip to Cádiz, Spain, to play at the Tanned Tin Sur festival.

Arriving in Puerto Real after almost 24 hours on three different airplanes. Standing in the middle is Alberto, legendary Tanned Tin driver.

Matt and I with Tanned Tin guru Jesus Llorente backstage.

The scene in our hotel's restaurant...good times!

Some friends from El Yaky Restaurant, greatest restaurant in the universe.

Tom and Randy with Tanned Tin staff and festival-goers. I'm standing in back.

Monday, June 30, 2008

Tanned Tin Sur

Spain and my solo project Dead Sea Scrolls played at the Tanned Tin Sur festival in Cádiz, Spain.

The beautiful, old theatre is located in the town of Puerto Real. Red velvet is everywhere.

A great band called the Clientele played. They were awsome and really nice people too.

Tanned Tin's guru and our host Jesus Llorente took us to El Yaky Restaurant, well-known as the greatest restaurant in the universe.

We had lunch there again the next day and one of the waiters was kind of enough to snap a picture of us across the street.

Friday, June 20, 2008

Charlie Haden still keeps it in the family

Charlie Haden still keeps it in the family
By Ken Eisner

Life is full of many odd circles and repetitions, but it's a rare person who starts performing in a family country band at only 22 months old and then sails past his 70th year heading his own brood of blood-related musicians. That, however, is exactly what jazz veteran Charlie Haden now finds himself undertaking.

After moving to Los Angeles in the 1950s, the Iowa-born Haden lent his probing bass lines to some of the most outré saxophone players the jazz world has ever known (Ornette Coleman, Archie Shepp, and Dewey Redman among them), as well as performing with idiosyncratic solo artists like Keith Jarrett, Carla Bley, and Yoko Ono. Over the years, Haden has also made his deep affection for rural folk music come alive, most notably in collaboration with fellow midwesterner Pat Metheny in 1997's Beyond the Missouri Sky.

When the Georgia Straight catches up with him, he is putting the last touches on a new album to be called Charlie Haden Family and Friends: Ocean of Diamonds. The record features the bassist-composer with his wife, singer (and producer) Ruth Cameron, son Josh Haden, and triplet daughters Petra, Rachel, and Tanya. (The last named is better known to some for having married Jack Black.) Other performers onboard include Metheny, Vince Gill, Béla Fleck, Rosanne Cash, and Elvis Costello.

"We've been talking about this ever since Pat and I did Missouri Sky and we went to visit my mom in the Ozarks and everybody sang for her 80th birthday," Haden says, reached at his L.A. home.

That was more than a decade ago, and the veteran musician is talking today because he's about to launch another tour with a different favourite entity, Charlie Haden's Quartet West. Now into its third decade, the foursome—with fellow Californian Ernie Watts on saxophone, New Zealand–born pianist Alan Broadbent, and new drummer Rodney Green—does have some connections with Haden's interest in Americana.

At its upcoming Vancouver International Jazz Festival show, Quartet West will play a blend of jazz ballads and obscure songs associated with old Hollywood and film noir in particular, as heard in a best-of album recently released on Verve. Using sampled snippets of dialogue, orchestral soundtracks, and the occasional Billie Holiday vocal, the group is known for its hushed sense of reverie, nostalgia, and surprise.

"You'll definitely get all that," Haden says. "We play music from an era when what was on the radio went a little bit deeper. I keep discovering and rediscovering things through whatever projects I'm working on. I love finding out more about the music that comes from America. The inspiration for Quartet West came from the beauty of our culture in the '30s, '40s, and '50s. But we don't just do older material. In Vancouver, we'll be playing new tunes of mine, and by Ornette Coleman and others."

After his Quartet West tour, Haden has some family-band dates, including a big August show at New York's Lincoln Centre—the culmination, perhaps, of a documentary on his life that's being filmed for Swiss television. Mostly though, he's still about the music.

"I've always been interested in all kinds of music and all kinds of musicians, ever since I was a kid," says the bassist. "My main goal has been to meet people who were on the same track—which is playin' music to help make the planet a better place."

To that end, Haden has had several runs at holding together—with pianist-arranger Bley—the Liberation Music Orchestra, a large group devoted to political provocation. (The LMO's most recent release, Not in Our Name, came out in 2005.)

"That group's about a lot of things. But mainly it's about wanting the governments of the world to appreciate life. We're playing at the Blue Note the week of the [U.S. presidential] election, so let's hope that has some small effect," he adds with a chuckle. "We're starting to have some expectations of change now, and that came into being because of the cruelty and greed of the government that came into power. Most people have finally opened their eyes to what has been going on; Pat wrote a song for the new record [Ocean of Diamonds] called ‘Katrina, 2005: Is This America?' Now these guys are in their anterooms, counting all the money they've stolen in the past eight years, and it's really sad that they won't be held accountable for their crimes."

If the bassist feels some glimmer of hope regarding U.S. politics, he still worries about the state of popular music in general.

"It's always been about good ears," he says. "If people are born with good ears, they can appreciate good music of all types. And people who weren't at least have the possibility of educating their ears. As it is now, the culture is in really deep trouble, musically. Of course, it's hard to know what people are listening to, with everyone walking around with iPod buds in their ears. I'd like to think they are into things that express deeper values, but how can you know when everyone is so isolated?"

In contrast, Haden just keeps getting more connected with his growing community of musical colleagues, and with the prairie populism that inspired him as a child.

"There's a kind of progressive innovation that comes from this country and keeps popping up," he notes. "When it happens, it can be very timely. But at its best, it's also timeless."

Charlie Haden's Quartet West plays the Centre in Vancouver for Performing Arts on Saturday (June 21).

Sunday, June 15, 2008


I got word today that Esbjörn Svensson died Saturday June 14 in a diving accident.

Aside from being an incredible person and musician, composer, and arranger, leader of the Esbjörn Svensson Trio (est), and award-winning jazz pianist, he played all of the keyboards and did all the string arrangements on the 1999 Spain album "She Haunts My Dreams".

I worked with Esbjörn two other times, on Freddie Wadling's 1999 "En Skiva Till Kaffet" and I had the honor of singing on est's 2003 album "Seven Days Of Falling", on a song co-written by myself and Esbjörn entitled "Love Is Real".

Spain's "She Haunts My Dreams" would not have been the same without Esbjörn's musical insight and expertise and anyone who hears it will agree with me.

I was always struck by his musicality, his sensitivity, professionalism, passion, and sense of innovation. He was also just a really nice guy. I will always have great memories of working with him.

My thoughts and prayers go out to his family, friends, and bandmates. It's an unbelievable loss.


Thursday, June 12, 2008

Nice Night

Last night Spain played at the Echo. It was fun.

Beck played a "secret show" as the opening band. He has a new band and new songs and new sunglasses and he sounded great.

Alt-Country/Folk artist Daniel Ahearn played next. He was great too. Very charismatic presence. That's Heather Lockie from Listing Ship on viola!

Of course I don't have any photos of our set, but a fellow-blogger posted some he took along with a review of our set (not very favorable!) on his blog called Classical Geek Theatre. There's also some photos on the LA Underground flickr page.

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Spain At The Echo Wed. 6-11-08

Spain will be playing new songs and some oldies but goodies too this Wednesday, June 11 at the Echo in Los Angeles, California. We have an unlimited $5.00 guest list for the show so if you'd like to be included on it feel free to send me an email at jhaden@mac.com and let me know.

June 11, 2008
Spain 10pm
Daniel Ahearn 9pm
Correatown 11pm
the Echo
1822 Sunset Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90026
$7 ($5 unlimited guestlist, email jhaden@mac.com to be included)
(213) 413-8200

Monday, June 2, 2008

Neil Hamburger - Jug Town Live

Last night I was lucky enough to see Neil Hamburger and his Too-Good-For-Neil-Hamburger-Band perform their L.A. debut at Spaceland in Silver Lake, California. They were performing songs from their just-released cd "Neil Hamburger Sings Country Winners", buy it today!

Here's a portion of their "Jug Town", as performed last night.

Here's some photos.

The Too-Good-For-Neil-Hamburger-Band (from left, Dave Gleason, Prairie Prince, Atom Ellis) laying down some choice country licks, setting the stage for the entrance of America's Favorite Funnyman.

A new band, a new sound, and a new look for Neil Hamburger. Yes, that's my sister Rachel on backing vocals!

Country guitar whiz Dave Gleason.

You can ususally tell how a Neil Hamburger show is going by looking at what's going on around his shoes.

Neil and his band will be performing soon in a town near you! If you are looking for some great entertainment, this is the show you've been waiting for.

Tue June 10 - VISALIA, CA - The Cellar Door
Wed June 11 - SAN FRANCISCO, CA - Great American Music Hall
Fri June 13 - PORTLAND, OR - Doug Fir Lounge
Sat June 14 - SEATTLE, WA - Sunset Tavern
Sun June 15 - BELLINGHAM, WA - Rogue Hero

For those of you who can't attend the above shows or if you don't like music, Neil will be performing his solo stand-up show soon in the following towns. Highly recommended!

Thu June 5 - PONTIAC, MI - The Pike Room
Tue June 24 - GAINESVILLE, FL - Common Grounds
Wed June 25 - TAMPA, FL - Crowbar
Thu June 26 - ORLANDO, FL - AKA Lounge
Fri June 27 - MIAMI, FL - PS14
Sun July 27 - LOS ANGELES, CA - Spaceland
Thu July 31 - NEW YORK, NY - Knitting Factory
Fri Aug 1 - BALTIMORE, MD - Ottobar
Sat Aug 2 - CHAPEL HILL, NC - Local 506
Wed Aug 6 - WASHINGTON, DC - Black Cat
Thu Aug 7 - PHILADELPHIA, PA - Johnny Brenda's
Fri Aug 8 - NEW HAVEN, CT - Cafe Nine

Sunday, May 25, 2008

It's So True

Rykodisc.com is offering a free download of the Spain song 'It's So True' (from the 'Blue Moods Of Spain' cd) as part of Rykodisc's 25th anniversary celebration.

Registration is required, but you also get to download free songs from Andrew Bird, Morphine, Lori Carson, and Galaxie 500, plus free songs from five different Rykodisc artists every month. The Spain song is available starting today until the 24th of next month.

Saturday, May 24, 2008

New Spain Song

My band Spain has been recording new songs.

This one's called 'I'm Still Free', its our first new song in over eight years.

Its also available as a free download from the Spain myspace page.

Monday, May 12, 2008

Best Pancakes In L.A.

Lisa and I had breakfast at Green Leaves Vegan yesterday and its our new favorite restaurant in L.A., just based on the pancakes.

I think I'm gonna go there tonight and order food to go.

Some serious axes adorn the walls.

Thursday, May 1, 2008

In The Mix

Today and for the past week and a half or so my dad, his wife Ruth, and Steve Rodby with engineer Richard Breen have been mixing the Haden Family cd at Richard's Dogmatic Studio in Burbank.

I visited them today as they completed mixing the Haden Family version of 'Spiritual' but I, dumbbell that I am, forgot to take pictures. Which is strange because earlier I had been just around the corner at AAA getting passport photos so Spain (my band) can play a show in...urgh...I'm not allowed to say yet, but I can say its at a festival in Europe.

Anyways, the mixes sound amazing. I'm excited to hear all the songs when they're finished!

I'm not sure of a release date, but the Haden Family will be having their debut performance this August 24th at Lincoln Center in NYC as part of the 25th Annual Roots of American Music Festival.

Monday, March 31, 2008

Spaceland 3-30-08

My solo project Dead Sea Scrolls played last night as part of Neil Hamburger's monthly residency at Spaceland. It was a lot of fun.

A great juggling troupe called Juggolos performed.

"Get the hell out of here!"

Sunday, March 30, 2008

Dead Sea Scrolls Tonight

Dead Sea Scrolls will be opening for my favorite comedian Neil Hamburger tonight at Spaceland in Silver Lake. Hope to see you there!

March 30, 2008
Dead Sea Scrolls (Josh Haden Solo Project)
1717 Silverlake Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90027

Also appearing: Neil Hamburger, Andy Daly (from Mad TV), and the Juggolos.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

New Spain/Josh Haden Online Store

I'm working with cafepress.com to bring you new Spain/Josh Haden/Dead Sea Scrolls merchandise. Right now there's a Spain logo t-shirt and a 'Devoted' front cover t-shirt in lots of different styles and colors, as well as other kinds of merch such as coffee mugs, caps, and a bumper sticker.

Check it out at http://www.cafepress.com/diamondsoul

As the new Spain and Dead Sea Scrolls cds develop I'll be adding new designs, so check back often!

Saturday, March 15, 2008


Lisa and I went to a great Vietnamese restaurant last night.

Lemongrass is in the Los Angeles suburb of Eagle Rock on Colorado Blvd. My good friend Erica took me there a few weeks ago and I've been wanting to go back ever since.

Last night I had Pho Tai and Lisa had a vermicelli dish with shrimp. The food is delicious and the prices are reasonable.

I'm a "Pho snob" (thanks to Erica) so when I find a good bowl of Pho it has to be good.

Saturday, March 8, 2008

Matt Mayhall's MFA Recital

Last night Spain played three songs at our drummer Matt Mayhall's MFA Recital at the California Institute of the Arts in Valencia, California.

The MFA Recital is kind of like the final exam for all graduating students so congratulations are in order for Matt!

All of the music was incredible, especially the composiitons Matt wrote.

Here is a photo I took of one of Matt's groups, from left Rory Cowal, David Tranchina, Gavin Templeton, Matt, and Larry Koonse.