Friday, April 10, 2009

Gone From Thinking To Praying

Gone From Thinking To Praying

Gone from thinking to praying

Gone from knowing to dreaming

Gone from certitude to emptiness

Gone from determination to surrender

Gone from expression to impression

Gone from willfulness to impairment

Gone from language to deciphering

Gone from freedom to following

Gone from belief to faith

Gone from the soul to the spirit

Gone from embodiment to the mist

Gone from prediction to dereliction

Gone from certainty to forgetfulness

Gone from stability to sincerity

Gone from lost to found

Gone from faith to sound

Gone from thinking to praying

© 2009 Josh Haden

Friday, April 3, 2009

Spain performing "Ray Of Light" @ Monty, Antwerp, Belgium, 28 March 1996

My band Spain performing the song "Ray Of Light" 28 March 1996 at Monty, Antwerp, Belgium. Download the entire show for free from the Spain Live Music Archive @

Josh Haden - bass, vocals
Ken Boudakian - guitar
Merlo Podlewski - guitar
David Harte - drums