Friday, October 30, 2009

How Many Ways Can Gov. Schwarzenegger Say "Fuck You" To California?

How many ways can Gov. Schwarzenegger say "fuck you" to California?

I thought he was going to stop giving Californians the finger, fine blended tobacco-stained as it is, after trying to close the state parks. Not entirely successful at that one.

Would Gray Davis ever have had the fake cow testicles to pull an acrostic stunt like this? I don't think so! I wonder how loudly Sen. Issa is laughing!

The "ball's" in your court, Assemblyman Ammiano!

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Re: Pelosi: New health care bill is 'historic moment'

From the article:

"Speaking on the steps of the Capitol, Speaker Nancy Pelosi said Congress was "on the cusp of delivering on the promise of making affordable, quality health insurance available to every American.""

Let's ignore for now the possible definitions of "affordable" and "quality". The beginning of the very next paragraph reads:

"Officials said the measure, once fully phased-in over several years, would extend coverage to 96 percent of Americans."

So, which is it? Will the legislation cover every American, as Pelosi said, or just 96 percent, as officials are reported as saying.

Why might the proposed legislation cover only 96 percent? Who are the 4 percent who won't be covered? Why are the lives of the 4 percent not worth, monetarily speaking, as much as the lives of the 96 percent?

Why is it that Pelosi and other key Democratic legislators don't support free universal health care that would cover all Americans, not just a portion of them?

Stop The Presses! Sarah Palin Is Greedy!

Read this article today about how Iowa Republicans are upset Sarah Palin is trying to charge them $100,000 to speak at a conservative group's event next month.

Why are Iowa Republicans so upset? Isn't that what capitalism's all about? Pulling oneself up from one's bootstraps and becoming successful? Supply and demand?

Surely, if Palin can charge that much money for a speaking engagement and get away with it, shouldn't her fellow Republicans be proud of her?

And what about all the money Republican lawmakers have accepted from the health insurance industry to secure their opposition to health care reform? Isn't this just the way things work?

Monday, October 26, 2009

Karen Ignagni Is A Spawn Of Satan

File:Karen Ignagni.jpg

Read this article to find out how health insurance industry lobbyist Karen Ignagni is almost single-handedly preventing free universal health care in America from becoming a reality.

I already wrote, in a previous blog entry, that President Obama never wanted universal health care in the first place. The House bill (which contains a "public option", Baucus' Senate Finance Committee bill doesn't) will only cover 97% of those eligible, far from universal.

Both of these "health care reform" bills contain a mandate that people must buy health insurance. Such a mandate will insure that the health insurance industry will have millions of new customers, putting billions more into the pockets of health insurance industry executives, employees, and lobbyists. Money will continue to be seen as more valuable than people.

As long as people have to pay money to insurers and providers for health care, some people will be able to afford it, and some people wont. Some people will receive health care, and some won't. Some people will live, and others will die unnecessarily.

The only way to "keep the health insurers honest" is to get rid of the health insurance industry entirely! Let the health insurance industry executives, employees, and lobbyists get their greed on in some other industry, like the music business!

Monday, October 12, 2009

To Mayor Villaraigosa: Sell The Police Stations To Non-Profits!

Hey Mayor! If Los Angeles can't maintain its police force, why not do to police stations what you're doing to our schools?

Instead of making "fiscally responsible compromises", sell individual police stations to the highest non-profit bidders! Its a win-win situation!

Friday, October 9, 2009

New Spain Songs Up

The new Spain single won't be released until December 15, but you can hear the songs now on the Spain Myspace mp3 player. Enjoy!