Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Larry St. John Furniture Island & Petra Haden & Woody Jackson

I know I haven't been able to post any blog entries lately, just too busy with life, hopefully this will make up for it somewhat.

Lisa and I have been searching for a new couch and we happened upon this furniture store called Larry St. John Furniture Island that was pretty amazing, not just for the furniture (all custom-made) but for the ambiance as well. This store will appeal to all you Tiki- and Lounge Scene enthusiasts and you should check it out even if you're not in the market to buy anything.

A pirate and King Tut? I emailed my sister Tanya this photo and she still didn't believe me.

Larry St. John Furniture Island 18101 S. FIGUEROA ST. GARDENA, CA 90248

A few weeks ago I went to the record release party for Petra Haden & Woody Jackson's new cd entitled "10 Years".

The cd's entitled "10 Years" because it was recorded 10 years ago and has taken 10 years to see the light of day.

I remember when Petra and Woody were recording it. The show was a blast from the past for me, but the music hasn't aged one bit. It seems 10 years ahead of its time, actually.

This isn't a very good photo but its all I could get.

It was a great show. Everyone should go buy the Petra Haden & Woody Jackson "10 Years" CD from Amazon today! Its on iTunes and eMusic and all the usual places too!