Thursday, March 10, 2011

Top Three Favorite Spain Songs - Election Results

Recently I asked the question, "What are your three favorite Spain songs?"

Election results are in: Out of 21 responses - 17 from Facebook, three from Twitter, and one from Ping - (band members don't count) the top three favorite Spain songs are: Untitled #1, Every Time I Try, and Nobody Has To Know (official tally below).

"Every Time I Try" will thus be added to Spain's live set starting in May. :) (Untitled is already in the set.)

Thank you everyone who let your opinions be known!!

Untitled #1: 12
Every Time I Try: 9
Nobody Has To Know: 6

Easy Lover: 5
Ray Of Light: 4
Before It All Went Wrong: 3
Our Love Is Gonna Live Forever: 3
Spiritual: 3
Mary: 2
She Haunts My Dreams: 2
Do You See The Light: 1
Hoped And Prayed: 1
I’m Leaving You: 1
I Believe: 1
I Lied: 1
I Love You: 1
It’s So True: 1
Long Time Ago: 1
Phone Machine: 1
Ten Nights: 1
Waiting For You To Come: 1
World Of Blue: 1