Friday, July 30, 2010

I'm Now A Fan Of Gorillaz

I have to admit Gorillaz never did anything for me, but reading the accompanying article and listening to the concert changed my mind, now I find there's some seriousness to their goofiness which I thought, before was goofy but not the good kind of goofiness. Its actually not the bad kind of goofiness at all.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Free Song Download From The Band Spain &

<a href="">Hang Your Head Down Low by Spain</a>

Longtime fans and new listeners alike are now able to download the most recent song from the band Spain, "Hang Your Head Down Low", for free from Spain's page. The song, culled from Spain's "I'm Still Free" EP, represents the band's first new songs in over eight years. Spain is currently in the studio working on their new album, to be released in late 2010 or 2011. In exchange for the free download, participants will be signed-up to Josh Haden's/Spain's free email list, the Haden Harangue, from which one can unsubscribe at any time.