Thursday, May 1, 2008

In The Mix

Today and for the past week and a half or so my dad, his wife Ruth, and Steve Rodby with engineer Richard Breen have been mixing the Haden Family cd at Richard's Dogmatic Studio in Burbank.

I visited them today as they completed mixing the Haden Family version of 'Spiritual' but I, dumbbell that I am, forgot to take pictures. Which is strange because earlier I had been just around the corner at AAA getting passport photos so Spain (my band) can play a show in...urgh...I'm not allowed to say yet, but I can say its at a festival in Europe.

Anyways, the mixes sound amazing. I'm excited to hear all the songs when they're finished!

I'm not sure of a release date, but the Haden Family will be having their debut performance this August 24th at Lincoln Center in NYC as part of the 25th Annual Roots of American Music Festival.

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