Sunday, May 25, 2008

It's So True is offering a free download of the Spain song 'It's So True' (from the 'Blue Moods Of Spain' cd) as part of Rykodisc's 25th anniversary celebration.

Registration is required, but you also get to download free songs from Andrew Bird, Morphine, Lori Carson, and Galaxie 500, plus free songs from five different Rykodisc artists every month. The Spain song is available starting today until the 24th of next month.

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teresa said...

thanks for the tip off on the free downloads.

i saw the kung fu panda ad with your brother-in-law wearing your band's t-shirt! very cool.

my daughter just got done with her first year of college, my son is turning 13 in a week, and my twins (finn and carter) are obsessed with superheroes and indiana jones.

you can check out my flickr site to see pictures of me and mine from the past to our recent trip to New Orleans.

The August 24th show sounds so great! How exciting for you all.

I have been reading a lot about the peabody sisters...they hung out with the transcendentalists. Elizabeth was an educational pioneer and worked with bronson alcott in starting a school, edited The Dial, and was close friends with the religious thinker william ellery channing. Mary married Horace Mann and wrote this really odd but interesting book, Christianity in the Kitchen: A physiological Cookbook, in which she held that good nutrition was a moral and religious duty. Sopia was an artist and married Nathaniel Hawthorne.