Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Charlie Haden Family And Friends World Cafe Performance Online

For those of you who missed today's episode of the NPR radio program World Cafe, on which Charlie Haden Family & Friends performed songs from their cd "Rambling Boy", and Charlie Haden did an insightful interview with the show's host, David Dye, it can now be listened to online.

Click on "Web-Only Outtake: 'Spiritual' By Charlie Haden Family Band" to hear their version of the song "Spiritual", recorded especially for the show (but not included in the radio version of the show), with yours truly on vocals. This version is particularly stirring and noteworthy (in my humble opinion) because it contains the outstanding tandem violin and fiddle playing of Petra Haden and Stuart Duncan, respectively, which doesn't happen on the cd version. It also features the cello work of Tanya Haden, guitar work by John Leventhal and Mark Fain, mandolin playing by Dan Tyminski, and, of course, bass playing by Charlie Haden.

The group also performs the songs "Oh Take Me Back", "Rambling Boy", and "Ocean Of Diamonds", in addition to the interview with Charlie.

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