Monday, December 15, 2008

I Met Tom LaBonge Today

I met L.A. City Councilmember Tom LaBonge by chance today while we were shopping at a local supermarket.

I was so tongue-tied I forgot to tell him to please save Los Angeles Public Access television!

Instead I said "I watch you on T.V." Maybe he got the message.

I love watching the penny-ante preachers, the beer-drinking guys who interview porn stars, that famous acting expert guy, and the guy who just stares back at you for half an hour. They're part of what makes our city great.

Not to mention the L.A. City Council meetings, which air in tape delay every business day. Go Zuma Dogg! And Tom LaBonge too!

And my favorite T.V. news anchorwoman, Ellen Cheng, who hosts the informative L.A. This Week.

It'll be a sad day if L.A. Public Access goes away. It doesn't seem right. The new California State law (which is supposed to go into effect Jan. 1) that allows Time Warner to pay a fee into state coffers rather than offer Public Access programming is fundamentally unfair and deprives L.A. citizens of programming that isn't homogenized and sanctified by greedy corporations (like Time Warner, sad to say) who are just trying to push their agenda on us. Public Access is commercial-free and I doubt Time Warner makes any money off it. Its probably a liability to them.

Some things are more valuable than money! At least that's my opinion.

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