Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Charlie Haden Family And Friends Debut Show

I know I promised to blog every day from NYC during our stay for the Charlie Haden Family & Friends debut performance at Lincoln Center's 25th annual Roots of American Music Festival Aug. 24 but I was so busy it just wasn't possible!

Anyways, it was a lot of fun. Here are some highlights...

The view from Rachel and Atom's hotel room was incredible.

The rehearsal was a lot of fun.

Atom Ellis was in awe.

My dad's wife Ruth Cameron sounded great.

Lincoln Center's Damrosch Park Bandshell provides a stunning foreground to a equally stunning classic New York backdrop.

Guitarist Bryan Sutton and banjoist Jim Mills shared a moment in front of my iPhone camera before soundcheck.

Icons and Fellow L.A.'ers The Knitters played before us and the legendary John Doe posed for a picture with Atom and Rachel.

My dad Charlie confers with Dan Tyminski backstage before soundcheck.

From the first note the Charlie Haden Family & Friends band were tearing up the stage. From left, Bryan Sutton, Dan Tyminski, Jerry Douglas, and Stuart Duncan. Also present were Jim Mills, Sam Bush, and Mark Fain.

My sisters Petra, Rachel, and Tanya took the stage as the sun went down.

Patti Smith and her band headlined the show and even though this isn't a very good picture, they were amazing. It was the first time I'd seen them play, and I was incredibly moved and inspired by their powerful songs and message of peace and call to action in an endearing and totally non-pretentious way. Patti Smith is the real thing.

All in all, playing at the 25th Annual Roots Of American Music Festival at Lincoln Center was a blast. The music was incredible, and it was really great to see the guys in the band again.

Charlie Haden Family & Friends debut cd "Ramblin' Boy" will be released Sept. 24 on Decca Records. If you'd like to read my previous posts about the recording sessions check out here, here, here, here, and here!


retroDan said...

I'm glad to hear all went well. I'm looking foward to the new record.

Scott said...

Thanks for the great music at this show. I loved it!

Here's an album of photos I took:
Scott's Photos from Lincoln Center