Sunday, January 25, 2009

Only God

Only God

No good or bad; only God.

No right or wrong; only God.

No love or hate; only God.

No honesty or dishonesty; only God.

No act of violence.
No act of kindness.

No act of selfishness.
No act of selflessness.

No act of cowardice.
No act of courage.

No downfall.
No redemption.

No life.
No afterlife.

Only God.

It has been said

God is everywhere and in everything.

God is outside and inside you.

Every word you speak comes from God.


When you speak, God speaks.

When you say "no faith"; God.

When you say "no hope"; God.

When you say "no chance"; God.

When you say "no God"; God.

Only God.

© 2009 Josh Haden

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