Sunday, September 13, 2009

Shills For The Wealthy March On Washington


Demonstrators are shown during a rally at Freedom Plaza in Washington. (Jose Luis Magana / Associated Press / September 12) from L.A. Times.

This weekend, the racist, the bigoted, the homophobic, the selfish, the self-centered, the narcissistic, the greedy, the two-faced, the cowardly, the unforgiving, the unreasonable, the unfaithful, the hypocritical, the hateful, the close-minded, the narrow-minded, the tea-bagged, the frightened of change, the proud sponsors of the status quo, conservatives, Republicans alike, all came together at our nation's capital to heckle a resounding "YOU LIE!"

I know, they "just let their emotions get the best of them." They are so sensitive!

I saw some footage of the "Taxpayer March On D.C." on C-SPAN and watched an interview with a man holding a "McCarthy Was Right" sign. Do you see where this "revolt" is going? Backwards in time, to the good old days, when men were men, women washed the dishes, peoples' lives were destroyed for their political beliefs, and anyone who looked different got their heads bashed in or were found in the morning hanging from a tree limb.

I love the line in this MSNBC article: "Many protesters said they paid their own way to the event — an ethic they believe should be applied to the government." Um, how else would they get to the event? I wonder how many of these "protestors" are bankrolled by the health industries, oil industries, and any other industry that stands to lose money and power if some of Obama's ideas are enacted.

Now, I'm not shilling for Obama. However, I don't think for a minute that any of these people care about the well-being of all Americans, some Americans, maybe. Anyone who doesn't think like they do are unpatriotic and not worth consideration at a hospital, much less as a human being.

Is this the kind of future that Jesus envisioned?

I saw a Republican Senator on TV yesterday saying that Republicans, unlike many Democrats, don't want to solve the health care problem "from the top down, but from the ground up." Republicans, says this Senator, want many of the same things Democrats do, for example, an end to many of the most heinous health insurance practices which unfairly deny people care.

I love this Senator's timing. Do you think we would see any change whatsoever in our healthcare system if Obama hadn't been elected? These "protestors" are running scared, as they always do, from anything that veers away from the status quo. They want money to stay concentrated with the wealthiest, the poor to stay in their place, and the middle-class to stay ignorant, uneducated, and complacent, and they'll say or do anything, even lie to themselves, to make sure things stay the way they are.


Dan Hadan said...

Hear hear! Well observed, Josh.
(I put a link on this here post over on FB)

Be well and only good things to you and those you love,


Josh Haden said...

glad you liked the post, dan! thanks!

Anonymous said...

You should be a politician.