Monday, September 28, 2009

Republicans Are Hijacking Patriotism From The Patriotic, And Democrats Are Letting Them Get Away With It.

We all know that Republicans will lie, cheat, and steal to get what they want.

Its not that Republicans don't know lying, cheating, and stealing are wrong; its that, in their view, lying, cheating, and stealing are justified if it results in them retaining their power, or, even better, broadening it. Doing so, in their eyes, better secures our "free" society.

Republicans believe that, since man is inherently evil, its better to enslave the (evil) majority to ensure that the good who can rule best (Republicans) are able to survive. This signals a major difference, some would say, the major difference, between the worldview of Democrats, who believe that man is inherently good, and that the enslavement of anyone, even Republicans, does nothing to promote the goal of a peaceful and sustainable world.

So, everyone, including Republicans, know that Republicans are liars, cheaters, and stealers, and know that Republicans are able to justify this fact to themselves by convincing themselves the end justifies the means. This shouldn't be surprising to anyone.

When Sen. Lindsay Graham goes on national television and says that "Americans don't support Obama's healthcare proposals," I know exactly what he's saying.

He's not saying that all Americans oppose Obama's healthcare proposals. He knows the majority of Americans actually support Obama's healthcare proposals. However, by saying "Americans don't support Obama's healthcare proposals" he's achieving the dual result of accusing those who do support Obama's healthcare proposals of being un-American, and thus, unpatriotic; and, on the other hand, helping to create, or insinuate, an anti-Obama healthcare plan atmosphere in general, hopefully inculcating in the minds of those who may be on the fence about Obama's healthcare proposals that they should be against them after all, because anything else would be un-American, and thus, unpatriotic. Sen. Lindsay Graham, is, after all, a Republican, all-knowing and all-powerful.

I would just like to say that I support Obama's healthcare plan if it contains language permitting free universal healthcare, and I'm an American. So I just proved Sen. Lindsay Graham wrong. I'm an American, and I support Obama.

Will someone please explain to me what is so American about letting a human being die because they don't have access to healthcare?

Will someone please explain to me what is so American about caring more for the survival of health insurance companies than the survival of human beings?

Will someone please explain to me what is so un-American about believing that America should care about the well-being of all its citizens, not just some of them? That if one human being suffers, then we all suffer?

Will someone please explain to me what is so un-American about the belief that every American should have access to healthcare, even if they don't have the money to pay for it?

Feel free to respond, especially you anonymous Republicans out there! :) Hint: democracy and capitalism are not the same thing.


Anonymous said...

You can't possibly be arrogant and ego centric enough to be calling all Republicans liars!!! Your view and opinions are very biased and are just that, biased opinions! If you really want to make a difference in this country then stop using Democrat this, Republican that. You and me probably agree on more things than not but your allegiance to a certain political group and your accusations to another put up a wall between us. Your father is a huge inspiration to me musically and I love him a lot even though I've never met him. I just hope that his views aren't as closed minded as yours are!

Josh Haden said...

Thanks for your comment, ManAdam!

I not only called Republicans liars, I also called them cheaters, and stealers too!

However, my incredulity is not limited to Republicans, as you can see here,,

If an American calls himself patriotic, and then says that he's opposed to raising taxes to pay for the war in Afghanistan, or to make sure that every American has access to free health care if they need it, then, yes, I will call him a liar.

If an American claims to care that our future generations get a well-rounded education and then is opposed to government funding for arts and music in the classroom, then I will call them a liar, and rightly so!

If an American claims to support human rights, but then wants to deny LGBT people hate crime protection, then I will call them a liar! And I would be correct too!

If an American claims to oppose Obama's federal goverment's bank bailout because it adds to the national debt, when said American's President from the other side of the aisle made raising the national debt practically his religion, then I will happily, and quite logically, call him a liar.

When an American says that he believes in Democracy, and then says that 95% of the wealth in America should stay with 1% of the American population, and says, in addition, that regulation of the banking industry is wrong, then I will call him a liar! And I have every justification to do so!

I don't think that the Republican party is commensurate with honesty, especially when the only law Republicans respect is the law of the jungle!

If, in the Republican point of view, government does such a bad job of taking care of its people, why don't they (Republicans) do something to change things?

Why not? Its because if government was able to do their job properly Republicans wouldn't be able to enjoy their financial kickbacks and South American prostitutes!

But seriously, if you think that the solution to America's problems is a one-party government, then by all means, make it happen, I'm with you 100%.

I, as I've said before in my blog, pine, along with the first President Bush, for the day of a "new world order", when there is equality for all, not just for the rich, and there are no more illegal immigrants because there are no more borders.

If wanting justice and equality in our country is closed-minded, as you say, then I guess I'm closed-minded!

I come from a strong liberal progressive tradition on both sides of my family. In that context I think my political views, and my need to talk about them, is understandable.

I don't really care if you allow my "allegiance" and "accusations" to "put a wall between us." To the best of my knowledge, I don't know you, and, have never met you. I don't care what you think of me, and furthermore, if I cared what other people thought of me, I would never get anything done!

And I think it is more than a little arrogant and egocentric of you to think that I care if you think there is a possibility that, because, in your opinion, my views are close-minded, that my father's views may be close-minded as well. My father and I are two separate individuals. Even you I hope can recognize that.

I am glad, however, that my dad is an inspiration to you musically! We all need as much inspiration as we can get!

Kudos to you and thanks again for your comment!

ManAdam said...

Wow, thanks for responding! I do want to apologize for my un- professionalism in calling you ego centric, arrogant, and closed minded. So I am kind of a babe in this whole politic thing and I have been enlightened a bit by what you have said. I have just always believed that there is good and evil on both sides and so it is hard for me to accept everything from one side. Do you feel this way also? Sometimes I just wonder if peoples focus is more on proving their party right, rather than finding the truth. I'm probably guilty of this without knowing it at times. Not saying you do this but I just want to throw that thought out there because sometimes we do things without realizing it. In fact after reading your comments back I have realized that I may be more Liberal than I thought. I appreciate your conviction in what you believe!
How can we have a New World Order with one big Government. Won't the Government have all the power and thus take away many freedoms to choose? I think that as long as there are evil people in the world then The New World Order will be susceptible to corruption also. In my opinion, as long as there is corruption on the Earth there can't be a perfect Government System that satisfies everyone's needs. I believe that we will have perfect order when the Earth is cleansed and Jesus Christ returns. However, I do think that we can make it as close to perfect equality as we can. Thanks Again!