Monday, March 9, 2009

Woo hoo! Another election! California 26th State Senate District Special Election

Just when you thought it was safe to bask in the glory of another completed Los Angeles election, here comes another one that's sure to bring everyone out to the polls.

The March 3 election actually isn't over yet, Amendment B is too close to call and it'll be several weeks before the result will be definitive. Hopefully it won't pass muster. You can see my previously posted endorsements here.

The upcoming election, which takes place March 24, is a "special primary election" ordered by California Governor Schwarzenegger to fill the vacancy in the 26th district of the State Senate left by now-L.A. County Board of Supervisors member Mark Ridley-Thomas.

The contenders are:

Democratic Party: Obama delegate and a senior state director for the Barack Obama for America campaign Robert Cole; California State Assemblyman Mike Davis ("California's First State Legislator to endorse Barack Obama for President"); Vice President of the Board of Education for the Culver City Unified School District Saundra Davis (endorsed by one of my favorite politicians, Congresswoman Diane Watson); Mervin Leon Evans ("the only Candidate that Says No to Gay Marriage"!); "Chartered Financial Analyst" Jonathan Friedman; and California State Assemblyman Curren D. Price, Jr.

Republican Party: Rabbi, surfer, author Nachum Shifren.

Peace and Freedom Party: Cindy Variela Henderson.

Green Party: semi-retired computer specialist Alex Walker.

California's 26th State Senate district is decidedly Democratic, but this is Los Angeles after all, and anything goes!

I just wish Zuma Dogg could somehow be involved in this election as it might make it a little more exciting.

Speaking of Zuma Dogg, after his fourth place finish in last week's mayoral run he has decided to take a break from his daily appearances at L.A. City Council fighting corruption. Visit his new blog and wish him luck on his new endeavors whatever they may be!

I'll have my endorsement for this election soon. Check back often!

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