Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Josh Haden's Guide To The March 3 Los Angeles Municipal Elections

I wanted to write a much longer blog entry on today's Los Angeles election, in which we Los Angeleans, amongst other things, get to vote on a new mayor, but I simply didn't have the time!

Its frustrating because this is a very important election for Los Angeles, even though probably most registered voters will be ignoring it.

An incredibly fascinating article about the corrupt and out-of-control politics of our city was published last week in the L.A. Weekly, I encourage everyone who's interested to read it.

Every city's political machine is corrupt to a certain extent and Los Angeles is no exception. Watch the movie "Chinatown" with Jack Nicholson to see how twisted it is and how far back the corruption goes.

Anyways, I love my city no matter what!

Please note this guide only applies to my voting district. There are many offices and candidates I won't be covering here, a great source to check out for other districts is the Young Progressive Majority.Org Voter's Guide.

My picks for the election, without fanfare and very little if any explanation:

Mayor: David "Zuma Dogg" Saltsburg

City Attorney: None

Controller: None, there really is no good candidate running for this important office, and that's sad because this office oversees audits of city government operations and financial disbursement programs, amongst other things. The apparent front runner, council district 2 representative and council President Pro Tempore Wendy Greuel is so much a part of the problem in L.A. city government I don't know how anybody could expect her to have a proper neutral perspective to do a good job. Her television advertisements are so disingenuous (me paraphrasing: "such and such office hired a firm to teach its employees Zen meditation! Horrible! With me in office there will be no governmental funding of Zen meditation on L.A. city property!"). I'm not sure we should trust her. I hope she proves me wrong.

Los Angeles Community College District:
Member Of The Board Of Trustees, Seat No. 2: Angela J. Reddock
Member Of The Board Of Trustees, Seat No. 4: None
Member Of The Board Of Trustees, Seat No. 6: Toss-up between Robert Nakahiro & Nancy Pearlman.
Member Of The Board Of Trustees, Seat No. 7: Miguel Santiago

Measure A: YES
Measure B: NO (A good article about this measure can be found here.)
Measure C: YES
Measure D: YES
Measure E: NO

Happy voting!

I'm going to sleep now!

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Sarvenaz said...

Hey Josh -- just fyi, the link you posted to your voting guide on LAist seems to be broken.