Thursday, March 19, 2009

Watch Tanned Tin Documentary On-Line

From the A Short Distance Myspace page.

The documentary about the Tanned Tin festival features footage of Spain performing live along with an interview.


We have uploaded our documentary about Tanned Tin festival called “A short distance. A film about Tanned Tin” to
A short distance emerged from a personal project of a number of Audiovisual Comunication students from the University Jaume I (....Castellón.., ..Spain....) in an attempt to make a documentary capable of transmiting the essence and history of one of the most reputable and intimate music festivals in our country. In the middle of the battle between music festivals, the Tanned Tin stands out amongst the rest and configures as a cultural event that wants to attract international independent musicians. This year will see the celebration of the first decade and is stirring grand interest between musicians and audience alike.

Through a number of interviews, the documentary spans the history and the backstage moments of the festival, focusing on the 2007 edition.....
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If you want more information you can visit our myspace webpage or contact us at:
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