Friday, February 27, 2009

Twittering From Nashville

Follow me as I twitter my way around Nashville this weekend.


Huge Fan said...

You guys were ALL awesome.
Fantastic show. Your sisters have voices like angels, and your brother-in-law is a funny dude.

I live in Nashville, but hadn't been to the Opry in 20 some years, but just had to see Petra, as I am a WHO/Townshend fan, and she has a special place in my pantheon! Fantastic job, all of you. Thanks for coming to Nashville.

Joi said...

I have to confess, I wasn't familiar with your family's music until I saw you recently in Nashville (I was there for Mr. Jack Black)

Now I'm totally obsessed with your music and am hunting out YouTube videos and cds! Your song and the one your sisters sang (Single Girl, Married Girl) were two of my favorites of the entire night.

I hope ya'll return to this part of the country soon. I'll be there!

Josh Haden said...

@huge fan & Joi - Thanks!!

@Joi it might be hard to find cds of my band Spain, check out iTunes for digital downloads of our cds (link on my blog) or request them from your favorite record store, they are on Rykodisc/Rhino. My debut solo cd "Devoted" is available from CD Baby, link also on my blog. Also look for the link to my youtube page! There's some songs on the Spain myspace page at of spain. Thanks again!