Saturday, February 21, 2009

Spain - Only One - 1 Dec 1995 Rockamadour, Dour, Belgium

Spain performing the song "Only One" 1 Dec 1995 at Rockamadour, Dour, Belgium.

Download the entire show for free from

This was the second European show Spain ever played.

The first was at Les Inrockuptibles 1995 festival in Rennes, France in front of about 1500 people.

The show at Rockamadour was in a basement in front of about thirty people (if my memory serves me right).

It was so cold we had to wear all our winter gear on stage, and we could still see the frost from our breath.

Spain never made a proper recording of "Only One", enjoy it here.

"Only One" written by Josh Haden.

Josh Haden - bass/vocals
Ken Boudakian - guitar
Merlo Podlewski - guitar
Evan Hartzell - drums

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