Saturday, February 14, 2009

Los Angeles Municipal Elections March 3, 2009

Tonight (actually last night) I was flipping through my Time Warner-supplied TV channels and thought I had tuned in to the resurrected L.A. Public Access Channel.

It was actually L.A. CityView 35 with their informative yet low budget look at the Mayoral/City Attorney/City Controller candidates for the upcoming L.A. Municipal Election.

I learned on this year's mayoral ticket there are two socialists, a pastor-pro-marijuana legalization guy, and a self-described "entertainer". Everyone's favorite L.A. watchdog and City Council superstar, Zuma Dogg, is running, he appeared minus costume, dressed in suit-and-tie and sounding quite intelligent, and only ranting a little bit. Of course there was the man himself, current defending champion Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa, you know, the other politician who cheated on his wife.

Does anyone know if Zuma Dogg ever cheated on his significant other? Who cares? David Saltsburg (Zuma's real name) has my vote.

In the City Attorney category I was impressed with Michael Richard Amerian's professionalism and dedication, but rival Noel Weiss did quote D.H. Lawrence in his speech, and that counts for something.

I liked all of the candidates for Controller, although I was smitten by Nick Patsaouras' genuineness. I wonder if maybe Zuma Dogg might be better off starting his L.A. political career by running for Controller, as both he and current councilperson Wendy Greuel are using the "get rid of Waste, Fraud, and Abuse" platform.

All of the respective candidates' video statements can supposedly be seen on-demand at the L.A. CityView website, although I couldn't find them anywhere.

So, to all my L.A. friends, don't forget to vote March 3!


Michael Higby said...

Zuma Dogg makes a compelling case. There is not one candidate who has the inside knowledge of City Hall than he. Even if one were not to vote for him, and I am not sure if I am or not yet, it is advisable to listen to what he has to say. The city is so deep in corruption that most folks don't even know it.

Zuma Dogg said...


Thanks so much for your observations and comments. Glad the city controller candidates feel my fraud, waste and abuse platform is worth repeating. (Even if I doubt Wendy means it.)