Thursday, February 21, 2008

Spain 'Every Time I Try' Video (1997)

Spain 'Every Time I Try' video (1997) directed by Wim Wenders (from his film 'The End Of Violence').

When Wim Wenders approached us to write a song for his film, he wanted to put us out of our element and see how we would sound writing an electronica song. He didn't like what we submitted and so asked me to write a song with more of a Spain-vibe and, with one day before the deadline, this is what I came up with.

Wim Wenders filmed this video with us at a San Fernando Valley soundstage around the time the movie was released, if I remember correctly. The video is included with the DVD, buy or rent a copy if you're interested, its a great film.


Myke said...

That's a great story about "Every Time I Try." Wim Wenders was definitely on a roll with his soundtracks there for a short while - I knew he was quite heavily involved in his soundtracks in terms of atmosphere, but I didn't know it even came down to making production decisions. Intense.

Anyway, I bought "The End Of Violence" pretty much exclusively to get your track, although there is plenty of other good stuff on there. I'd heard there was a video for this song, but never saw it before. And how amazing that he directed it for you!

Lisette said...

Wow... How exciting to work with Wim Wenders. Wings of Desire is my all time favorite movie and was my introduction to Wim Wenders's films. I haven't seen The End of Violence yet, but it looks like that will be happening soon.

Great song and great story. :)

auskadi said...

the video seems to have gone .... due to some violation!
Oh well. It's wet and windy in Melbourne but we are off to see your Dad anayway.

Anonymous said...

I love this song, it's one of my new favorites, and I'm actually trying to figure out how to play it at the moment. Very cool story!