Monday, October 11, 2010

Treacherous Jaywakers - Life Is Lived In Vain & Hey Hey Hey

Another record I listened to was a test pressing of my first band Treacherous Jaywalkers' debut EP entitled "Sunrise". I couldn't find any of the songs on the internet but two videos of this band do exist on youtube. The videos were shot for Public Access TV in San Diego, CA sometime in 1990 shortly before the band broke up, if I'm not mistaken. These are songs from late in our repertoire...if you listen to "Hey Hey Hey" you can already hear the seeds of my band Spain, I'm even playing the same bass I used for "Blue Moods" in this clip. Treacherous Jaywakers was a band I started with friends in high school when I was sixteen, we recorded a lot of songs and I'm still proud of all of them. Enjoy.

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Dan said...

Hi Josh. Around 1988(?) or so, KNON 89.3fm in Dallas played a Treacherous Jaywalkers tune, Can You Afford the Pleasure?. Back then, I taped a few of KNON's rock shows and listened to them years later. Sadly, my cassettes are long-lost; and sadly, that radio station no longer features the genre.