Thursday, August 12, 2010

Eight Songs I've Sung

I recently posted, onto, a group of eight songs I have sung on, for your possible listening enjoyment, including songs from Spain, Charlie Haden Family & Friends, Esbjörn Svenssön Trio, Soulsavers, Blue Man Group, and Handsome Boy Modeling School.


Pedro said...

Hey Josh. Greetings from Portugal. Thanks for your songs.
I've been a huge fan, for many years now.
Whatever happened to songs like "Walked On The Water" and other you had on Spain's myspace page?

Josh Haden said...

Hi Pedro,

Glad you like the new songs. Most of those were demos of songs we re-recorded for our new album to be released soon. The lp version of "I'm Still Free" is already available as a CD single from Spain's website ( and digitally from iTunes, Bandcamp, etc... and also 7" vinyl soon. Sign-up for our mailing list @ the Spain website or my website ( and I'll keep you updated. On the both sites you can also subscribe to newsfeeds and I keep Spain's facebook page pretty current as well. Thanks.