Friday, January 22, 2010

"Socialized Democracy"?

a question for conservatives (including president obama): is it "socialized democracy" when every american, regardless of their financial income, has the right to an equal vote? why is the concept that every american, regardless of their financial income, should have the right to equal healthcare, called "socialized healthcare"? if the equal right to vote is called "democracy", shouldn't the equal right to healthcare be called "democratic healthcare"? and another question for conservatives: if you were to have our government force people to pay money for healthcare, shouldn't you support the concept that our government should force people to pay money to vote?

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Anonymous said...

In my work as a job search specialist I have seen what entitlements do to better than half the recipients... they wait until welfare benefits are about to expire before they even start to look for work. An extension just makes things worse. You will see an immediate reduction in unemployment when these benefits run out. It is the same as the welfare mentality. If the government is willing to give me enough money to live on, why should I have to work? It's going to be tough for some, but in the long run it will help eliminate this entitlement mentality, just as it did with welfare. The government could also require recipients to work on government jobs while getting payments - at least they would not be idle just collecting my grandchildren's future tax contributions to help pay off this ever increasing deficit.