Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Spain At Spaceland - The Photos

Thanks to everyone who came to watch my band Spain play at Spaceland in Silver Lake, California. It was our second show with new guitarist Daniel Brummel and the first time we got to play a few new songs live so we had a lot of fun.

Spain guitarist/keyboardist Randy Kirk: Setting up his keyboard
rig can be a drag...unless the keyboard happens to be a Hammond Organ!

Spain drummer Matt Mayhall at soundcheck.

Sounds good!

I didn't take this picture.

Mad Gregs opened the show.

At precisely 11pm, Spain took the stage.

I play bass and sing.

Daniel Brummel plays guitar.

Thanks to Lindsay for selling our new limited edition CD for us at the show! For more photos of our Spaceland set, check out my flickr site!

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