Tuesday, November 24, 2009

New Spain 7" Release Date Has Been Delayed

As you probably already know, Daniel, Billy, and I have been locked in the studio for weeks making improvements on the new Spain song "I'm Still Free". Matt's and Randy's parts were already perfect. We finally finished the song last night and now its ready for mastering but, alas, not in time for the strict deadline of December 15 set by label Acuarela Discos. Those guys are slave drivers, really. Anyways, in result we've delayed the release of the 7" and iTunes digital until January 26, 2010. So, you'll have to wait until then to hear the first official release of new Spain songs in, well, a long time. I may put the new version of "I'm Still Free" on the Spain Myspace page soon. I'm undecided about it. Acuarela president, er, dictator, Jesús Llorente, a friend of mine, and a good man, would rather us not, but I say, let the people hear the music. Free their ears from monotony and let them get a sneak preview of a song that took four years to write, and three to record, concurrently. Its Myspace, for crying out loud, it doesn't cost anything, and people can't download it. No one's making any money off of it, but, what the hey? Oh, wait. My Myspace uploading privileges have been temporarily suspended. Something about copyright violations for uploading songs I wrote. I should take care of that. In the meantime, what do you think? Should I break down and take the humiliating "myspace copyright law quiz" so I can upload the new version of "I'm Still Free" for you to hear, or would you rather be surprised on January 26? That way I could avoid having to "talk" to Myspace. But I'll have to contact them sooner or later. Who knows? Who cares? You be the judge! Leave a comment!

As an addendum, the Spain 7" release party at Spaceland on December 19 is still happening. I'll be selling a very special limited-edition cd of the new single at the gig. The show must go on.


D.F. said...

Josh, please consider that there are many ways to download any song from MySpace, even if it's « locked ».

euskir said...

Hello Josh:

I can wait until january, but some people don't :-)

Even when you can "illegally" download a song from MySpace, that would be a silly thing to do, quality?, forget it, ultra compressed mp3...

Best wishes, as always,

Federico (aka euskir)

Anonymous said...


1. You obviously knew you had a deadline beforehand, and decided to stay with the label's offer anyway, which included said deadline. If you missed the deadline, that is your breach of contract, not theirs.

2. Same goes with you posting the pending songs online anywhere. Think about it - if you were a label owner who agreed to release a band's new song, I'm sure you would also be disheartened to hear that you, in fact, are releasing a song the band is also making available by posting all over the Internet for free. Eh compadre? If that is your philosophy, you should have told the label that beforehand, in which case the deal would probably have been off or very different. If you enter into music BUSINESS, do not treat it like a farmer's market drum circle.