Friday, July 24, 2009

Spain performing "Untitled #1" Live On French TV 1996


D.F. said...

Fine performance.
Is the new album still scheduled for 2009?

Josh Haden said...

Thanks D.F.

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marco said...

Hello Josh, is it possible to use part of this song for one of my video projects? I'd like to use about 1 minute of sound and "Spain" will be mentioned for sure. Please email at trash17(at) or leave a short comment. Thanks!

Josh Haden said...

Thanks for your interest, Marco!

All licensing requests should be directed to Wixen Music Publishing.

marco said...

Thanks for your kind answer, Josh. Well, then I think my interest is too low for "licensing", as this would feed up my limited costs ;-) I do a fun project and had liked "untitled #1" to surround the clip trailer, but it is ok for me now.
Anyway, great song - it was my favourite tune in the year 95.